G Data Internet Security 2014 Review

Many viruses and malwares that populate the WWW get sneakier and more threatening with every passing day, and that’s why it’s great to have the G Data Internet Security 2014 to rely on.

The G Data Internet Security 2014, like its previous versions, still provides topnotch protection against viruses, hacking, spam, and all other threats coming from the Internet (well, maybe it doesn’t protect us from the bitter tweets of a disgruntled lover, but that’s another story!).

This time around though, G Data Internet Security 2014 also comes with new features such as: active hybrid protection that’s built with CloseGap technology to effectively close security gaps, AutostartManager to accelerate startup, enabling you to boot up your machine as fast as you did the first time you used it, and a fully re-developed user interface that is highly intuitive, meaning everything is as clear as sunshine when looking at and using the program for the first time, with no more software manual needed to be read.

On top of all that, major improvements have also been made to existing features: new BankGuard technology that allows you to securely shop and pay bills online, and behavior monitoring that fully protects your computer even against unknown viruses.


Pitting the G Data Internet Security 2014 against the bad guys lurking in known malware infected sites showed that the program delivered well in malware blocking.

I also found the included Autostart Manager very useful, making sure that protection always gets turned on, whether or not you remember to do so. I ran the built-in firewall through a series of tests and found it effective in blocking leaks and exploits.

One of the best security features that I really like, though, is the shredder for secure deletion. I enjoyed kicking those nasties (a few viruses) that had snuck into my laptop into oblivion!


The G Data Internet Security 2014 has your back covered when it comes to protection against online attacks.

The spam filtering and parental control features are great for ensuring that innocent little minds don’t go off getting sucked head first into the dark corners of the Wild, Wild Web. These features are not always found in other software protection suites, so it’s really impressive to find it in this program.


The makers of the G Data Internet Security 2014 have very thoughtfully placed a service form within their site, and it can be accessed at: http://www.gdatasoftware.com/support.html.

The form combines fill-ins and dropdown point-and-select to make simpler the reporting or feedback process.  I tried it and it works fine, no problems at all on my end. Response time was quick, polite, and professional. Two thumbs up!


Internet threats abound, and so do a host of protection suites, but when it comes to features, quality, and value for money, the G Data Internet Security 2014 comes out strongly at the lead.

Three licenses bundle for the whole family translates to a lot of peace of mind, not to mention the savings generated, because at that package rate, the G Data Internet Security 2014 comes out as being more affordable than its competitors. Single license is available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $39.95. That’s still a bargain, considering just how effective the G Data Internet Security 2014 is in giving security by providing its special features such as spam filtering and parental control.

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