ESET Smart Security 5 Review

ESET has received several awards from various bodies for its internet security suites since the company was founded in 1992. The ESET Smart Security 5 is the latest software released by the company. Launched on September 2011, it brings back the familiar features of their last edition while doing away with their negative features, making it a prime contender to be the internet security for you.


Internet security issues. What makes the ESET worthy of having a spot on this top 10 list is that it pretty much does everything to make sure that your computer is protected at all times. Not only does it offer anti-virus protection, it also has anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, and anti-spam features as well as a firewall to add to the security of your computer. It does not just keep malware from harming your computer, it also filters through your system to detect and remove any harmful viruses that have already infected your computer.

Cloud-based detection. To add to your computer’s security and protection, ESET software uses a system called cloud-based detection, wherein it uses the information on other computers that the ESET Internet security suite installed on these in order to help it determine whether the files you’re opening are safe or not.

Removable media control. The system automatically prevents malware from infecting your system via removable devices such as USB flash drives and CDs.

Computer performance. ESET Smart Security 5 takes up little resources on your computer and does not have a large effect on the speed of your system, even when it’s downloading updates. As such, you can continue doing your tasks without fear that your Internet security system will affect your computer’s speed and performance.

Ease of use. The only complaint made by users about the ESET Internet security suite is that it’s not that easy to use. While the layout is simple enough, some of the features of the system are quite hidden, so you would need to take the extra effort to find these.

Gamer mode. Gamers consider the ESET software as one of their favorite internet security suites because it can be put on Gamer mode, a feature which will turn off notifications temporarily so that you can play your video games uninterrupted.

Other features. If there was one criticism levered at the older versions of the ESET security suite, it was the fact that it didn’t come with parental controls. This was changed in the newest version of the ESET Internet Suite, allowing parents to moderate what sites their children can visit.


ESET’s Smart Security 5 costs $60 for a year’s subscription, or you can pay $90 for a two-year subscription. You can also use the free trial version of the security suite.


As what you can read on professional reviews, the ESET software is one of the top alternatives available today, protecting your computer from all kinds of malicious software without compromising your system’s performance.

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