BitDefender Internet Security 2012 Review

Carrying the symbol of a Dacian Wolf, a creature that is half dragon and half wolf, BitDefender is the developer of internationally-certified, award-winning Antivirus software and Internet security. The Dacian Wolf is a symbol of willpower, strength, and intelligence, features that are evident in their top-notch Internet security suite. Today, BitDefender protects about 400 million users around the world with their unmatchable, award-winning services and technologies. BitDefender claims to be the most adapted Internet protection suite in todays tough Internet world were securing privacy is slowly becoming more and more important. Hailed as one of the top internet security suites today, BitDefender aims towards becoming the most effective in the digital warfare that is currently happening in computers around the world.


BitDefender Internet Security 2012 is a suite that puts together everything you need to gain full internet protection. The suite includes antispam, antivirus, firewall, antiphising, social networking safeguards, and parental controls. Internet-connected families will love how this suite is created with Enhanced Silent Security. The good news is that this software, unlike some competitors, will not bug you with annoying alerts and permission requests.

Unmatched Security

BitDefender uses a variety of technologies to stop the most cunning of todays e-threats. The Active Virus Control feature watches over your processes behavior while running in order to pinpoint new or unknown viruses. Rescue Mode allows you to reboot your computer in a safe environment, a feature used for cleanup and restoration. The Virtualized Browser separates your browser from your computers operating system using a BitDefender provided environment in order to prevent web-based threats from harming your system. Other security features include the Vulnerability Scanner, Antispam, Two-Way Firewall, and Parental Control. With so much features, its no surprise BitDefender is one of the top rated Internet security suites today.

Impressively Quiet

Some internet security software when running in the background makes an annoying loud buzz… but oh no, not this one. The Autopilot feature makes all decisions about security for you. What this means is that you can work or play game online without having to make important decisions that will risk your computers life.

Safe Socializing

BitDefender answers todays calls for social network security by filtering the links you receive from your Facebook and Twitter friends. The Search Advisor features warns you about dangerous websites when you surf in Bing or Google. This takes the stress off of you as before entering any danger, you’ll be well aware of the potential threat detected.

Super Speed

Do you just hate when security suites slow down your computer? BitDefender conducts scans only when in realizes your computer is idle, so you’ll have to sacrifice performance for safety every again!


BitDefender, one of the best Internet security suites available, gives you a wide variety of options when it comes to price. One PC for one year costs $49.95. Three PCs for one year costs $69.95. Five PCs for one year costs $109.95. Ten PCs for one year costs $179.95. Check to know more about the pricing.


BitDefender is studded with features you’ll find useful in the Internet today. With its super silent performance and unmatched speed, this might just be the only thing you need to access the Internet without any risks!

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