Avast Internet Security 7 Review

Avast is one of the leading companies that produce internet security suites and their software solutions are available all over the world. Based in Prague, they have numerous support offices all over the world and this is a reason for the quality of the products that they offer. Avast Internet Security 7 is the newest internet security suite that the company offers and it brings in a range of new options compared to its predecessors.


Avast Internet Security 7 brings you all the modern tools that you need to secure your files and folders that you have stored on your computer. When tested by security companies, this internet security  package proved to be at least as good as all the other competitors in the market. For example, the test ran in this Spring on this product has shown that Avast protects your computer against 96% of the  zero day malware attacks. This is very good compared to the industry standard that is around 91%. In addition, the product had great scores for malware detection and prevention compared to the big companies like ESET and BitDefender.


Avast! Safezone is one of the top features of the new security suite. It allows users to get protection while shopping online or making internet-banking transactions. By using the safezone, you will use a personal virtual safezone that will block all attacks coming from the internet. Avast! Safezone is virtually a browser that  provides you far better protection then all the other options that you can find online.

FileRep is a unique feature of the Avast internet security 7 package. It consists of a large database that keeps track of billions of executable files that have proven to be malicious for computer users. By using FileRep, Avast Internet Security 7 will track down potential threats faster and the detection time will be very small. It helps you save the resources of your computer and it provides a higher quality detection services when compared to other security suites.

Sandbox is a revolutionary feature that will allow you to isolate potential harmful programs into a virtual computer. This feature separates potential dangerous software from the rest of your programs and isolates them. If the sandbox is penetrated, the program shuts down and all your files on your computer are protected from the viruses and malware contained by the sandbox.

Other features

The newest security suite from Avast brings even more features for you. The real-time shields feature will help you keep a close eye on the programs on your computer. It will also warn you about potential dangerous activity.  Another beneficial feature is the upgraded malware protection. The new security suitecarries the most advanced malware detection software developed until now by the company.


All the users of Avast Internet Security 7 have the ability to ask for support if they have questions or are uncertain about some of the features presented by the software. You will get offline and online support at all times. On the official website, you can find a knowledgebase that will help you solve most of the problems by yourself. If you cannot find the right answer, you can submit a support ticket and a representative from the company will get back to you in no time at all.


Avast Internet Security 7 is a true contender for all the other popular internet security suites. Thanks to new features like Sandbox and FileRep, the new software package has the potential to be one of the top internet security suites of the year.  Another strong point of this security suite is the SafeZone browser that is very powerful at protecting sensitive browsing sessions. All in all this Avast product is a rising star on the market of internet security suites.

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